Current Advisees

Research Topic Student Name Degree
improvements of nuclear data evaluations for lead isotopes in support of next generation lead-cooled fast systems Peter Brain Ph.D.
Neutron Capture Measurements in the keV energy range Sukhjinder Singh Ph.D.
Neutron Capture Gamma spectrum and multiplicity Katelyn Cook Ph.D.
Neutron Die away measurements for testing thermal scattering evaluations Benjamin Wang Ph.D.
Evaluation of Zr isotpoes Greg Siemers Ph.D.
Updates to SAMMY URR treatment Alec Golas Ph.D.


Ph.D. Degree

Student Name Thesis Title Degree Graduated
1. Dr. Devin Barry Neodymium Neutron Transmission And Capture Measurements And Development of A New Transmission Detector. Ph.D. Dec 2003
2. Dr. Mike Trbovich Hafnium Neutron Cross-Sections and Resonance Analysis. Ph.D. Dec 2003
3. Dr. Tim Donovan Monte Carlo Neutral Particle Transport Through a Binary Stochastic Mixture Using Cord Length Sampling Ph.D. Dec 2003
4. Dr. Lee Changqing Characterization of Thin Coatings Using Eddy Current Methods Ph.D. Aug 2004
5. Dr. Bryndol Sones Production of intense, tunable, quasi-monochromatic X-rays using the RPI linear accelerator Ph.D. Aug 2004
6. Dr. Jeff Geuther Radiation Generation with Pyroelectric Crystals Ph.D. May 2007
7. Dr. Donald Gillich Particle Acceleration with Pyroelectric Crystals Ph.D. May 2009
8. Dr. Frank Saglime High Energy Neutron Differential Scattering Measurements for Beryllium and Molybdenum Ph.D. Aug 2009
9. Dr. Catherine Romano Variations In Fission Fragment Mass Distributions As A Function Of Incident Neutron Energy Measured In A Lead Slowing-Down Spectrometer Ph.D. Aug 2009
10. Dr. Justin Clinton Optimization and Characterization of a Novel Self Powered Solid State Neutron Detector Ph.D. Dec 2011
11. Dr. Michael Rapp Design and Construction of a Large Area Detector System and Neutron Total Cross Section Measurements in the Energy Range 0.4 To 20 MeV Ph.D. Dec 2011
12. Dr. Jason Thompson A Method for (n,alpha) and (n,p) Cross Section Measurements Using A Lead Slowing-Down Spectrometer Ph.D. May 2012
13. Dr. Rian Bahran A New High Energy Resolution Neutron Transmission Detector at the Gaerttner LINAC Center and Isotopic Molybdenum Total Cross Section Measurements in the keV-Region Ph.D. Aug 2013
14. Dr. Ezekiel Blaine Measurement of Prompt Fission Neutron Spectrum and Multiplicity Using A Gamma Tag Double Time-Of-Flight Setup Ph.D. Dec 2014
15. Dr. Adam Daskalakis Measurement of Elastic and Inelastic Neutron Scattering in the Energy Range from 0.5 to 20 MeV Ph.D. Dec 2015
16. Dr. Brian McDermott Resonance Region Capture Cross Section Measurements In Iron And Tantalum Using A New D6D6 Detector Array Ph.D. Sep 2016
17. Dr. Adam Weltz Application and Development of Microstructured Solid-State Neutron Detectors Ph.D. Aug 2017
18. Dr. Nicholas Thompson Measuring and Validating Neutron Capture Cross Sections Using a Lead Slowing-Down Spectrometer Ph.D. Aug 2017
20. Dr. Kemal Ramić From Experiments to DFT Simulations: Comprehensive Overview of Thermal Scattering for Neutron Moderator Materials Ph.D. (co advised) Aug 2018
21. Dr. Jesse Brown Measurements, Evaluation, and Validation of Ta-181 Resolved and Unresolved Resonance Regions Ph.D. Aug 2019
22. Dr. Kumar Mohindroo Quasi Differential Neutron Induced Neutron Emission Measurements of U-235 and Pu-239 Ph.D. Dec 2020
23. Dr. Amanda Youmans New KeV Neutron Scattering Array For Measurements Of Zirconium Ph.D. May 2021
24. Dr. Adam Ney Development of Experimental and Analytical Methods for Low-Rate (gamma,n) Neutron Source Characterization Ph.D. Aug 2022
25. Dr. Dominik Fritz Design of a Cold Moderator for Total Cross Section Measurements of Moderator Materials In The meV Energy Range Ph.D. Dec 2022

M.S. Degree

Student Name Thesis Title Degree Graduated
1. Frank Saglime Experimental Results for the RPI Bubble Fusion Project M.S. Aug 2004
2. Leonid Severnyak Fission to Capture Ratio Measurements M.S. Dec 2005
3. Wangerin Kristen Passive Quenching Electrical Model of Silicon Photomultipliers (SSPMs) M.S. July 2008
4. Andrew Kovanen Generation of Radiation from Pyroelectric Crystals M.S. Aug 2009
5. Matthew Evans Basic Properties of Pyroelectric Crystals M.S. May 2010
6. Adam Daskalakis Optimization of pyroelectric neutron generators M.S. May 2011
7. Benjamin Lawrence Medical Isotope Production Utilizing Photonuclear Interactions M.S. Dec 2011
8. Sean Piela Improving Epithermal Transmission Measurements by Optimizing Neutron Production and Detection M.S. May 2013
9. Adam Weltz Benchmarking And Characterization Of The RPI LSDS For Spent Fuel Assay M.S. Feb 2017
10. Hyung Jin Choun Response of the Li-6-enriched Cs2LiYCl6:Ce3+ (CLYC) detector to gamma-rays, fast and thermal neutrons M.S. Aug 2017

M.Eng Degree

Student Name Thesis Title Degree Graduated
1. Brian Casel Measuring High-Energy, Prompt Fissions Neutrons from Cf-252 M.Eng. July 2017
2. Alexander Roaldsand Neutron Capture Multiplicity Detector SIS-3316 Board Upgrade M.Eng. Nov 2017
3. Marcus Barbret Identification of Depleted and Natural Uranium by Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy M.Eng. Nov 2017
4. Christopher Markum Determination of Uranium Enrichment by Gamma Spectroscopy for Enrichments Ranging From Depleted To Low Enriched M.Eng. Jul 2018
5. Sukhjinder Singh Modeling of RPI's Multiplicity Detector Response Using Dicebox and MCNPX-Polimi M.Eng. May 2019
6. Gregory Siemers Gamma Ray Background Reduction of A High Energy Resolution Lithium 6 Neutron Detector Using Enriched Lithium 7 Glass M.Eng. May 2021