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Required Software

In this class it is required to submit homework problems using SMath Studio or MathCad. Both software packages have similar functionality and make complex numeric and symbolic calculations easier. They are different from other software like Python or MATLAB in the clear presentation of the calculations on a page with readable math-form equations.
SMath Studio is available for free at:
Mathcad free version (PTC Mathcad Express), is available, but does not have some of the functionality required to solve the homework problems. A student version is available, the cost is for 1 year subscription. MathCad is more capable than SMath Studio and it is easier to plot with.

SMath Studio plotting examples: SMath
In order to use the examples, the maxima plugin is needed, the plugin requires maxima which has to be installed before you open an example file. For 64-bits Windows (RPI laptops) the installation link is here check the file with win64 in the name.