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At NIST with colleagues who served as presidents of CIRMS

(me, 2000 president

James A. Deye, 2004 president

R. Craig Yoder, 2005 president

Mohamad Al-Sheikhly, 2006 president

Larry DeWerd, 1997 president)

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Award ceremony as a Fellow of AAPM in summer 2009.






Receiving Fellow award from the president of AAPM in summer 2009.






After a dinner with current and former students during the AAPM summer meeting in LA in 2009 (from left to right): Aiping Ding, Matt Mille, Yong Hum Na, Bin Han, Juying Zhang, Brian Wang, me, Chengyu Shi, Jianwei Gu, Peter Caracappa, Mark Winslow.





Receiving Rensselaer School of Engineering Excellence of Research Award from Dean of Engineering, Dr. Alan Cramb in 2006.





A rare occasion for faculty and staff of the Dept of MANE to gather for a photo in Spring 2009.






A sunny summer day in 2009 with my wife attending our daughter’s high school graduation (Emma Willard School in Troy, NY).






Spring 2010 in Athens, Greece during the IM2010 conference with my wife.





Fall 2009 during sabbatical leave at Harvard Medical School/ Mass General Hospital in Boston with MGH biologist Dr. Jack W. Szostak who shared that year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine "for the discovery of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase.”





Summer 2010 during sabbatical in Boston – Beautiful white sails on the Charles River as viewed from our apartment near Kendall Square in Cambridge.






Summer 2010 during sabbatical leave in Boston practicing sailing with my son on Charles River on weekend.







Canoeing with my daughter and son in Charles River, Boston in the fall of 2009 (we lived on the 10th floor of this apartment complex in Cambridge overlooking Boston  and Charles River).






Summer 2010 with our family dog Honey during a family outing.





2010 summer with my wife during a family outing.