Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Morphogenesis



The mission of this laboratory is to develop novel strategies for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, and to establish innovative organ-on-a-chip devices for disease diagnosis and drug screening. We utilize interdisciplinary approaches including micro-/nanofabrication, pluripotent stem cells, tissue engineering, biomaterial, cell biomechanics, and bioimaging.


Our current research projects focus on developing cell-based micro-devices to study cardiac asymmetric development and vascular permeability regulation. We hope that our research can reduce cardiac birth defects and vascular disorders associated with left-right asymmetry.



Announcement: Positions Available


Research positions for passionate, creative, and hard-working graduate students and postdocs are available:

Project description: We seek highly motivated individuals who enjoy working in a team while concomitantly desiring to pursue their own ideas in a very supportive environment. Our lab combines stem cell culture, tissue engineering, microtechnology, molecular and cellular biology, cell biomechanics, and imaging techniques to better understand the biophysics of tissue morphogenesis and regeneration. Specifically, we focus on developing in vitro platforms for a better understanding of cell chirality, also known as cellular left-right asymmetry and exploring applications in medical translation including drug screening and disease diagnosis. Watch this video about our lab please. Click here.


Requirements: Curious about the basic rule of life and value the close integration between engineering and biology.


If interested, please email Dr. Wan with your recent resume/CV at




Dr. Leo Q. Wan
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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