The Stanislaw Lem mailing list is to discuss the fictional and non-fictional works of Polish science fiction author Stanislaw Lem, and issues that arise from those works. This includes discussions of other authors of similar works in fiction regardless of genre. In fact, Lem fans tend to show great interest in non-genre works and much of Lem's unique character is the way he defies genre conventions.

In general, no topic is off topic if it in some ways originates from or relates to science fiction and literature. Lem wrote passionately and opinionatedly about the history, methods and possibilities of science fiction and its place in western literature. This included critiques of science fiction marketing, specific authors (Philip K. Dick, Strugatski, Borges), and theory on the construction of stories. As such, any literature topic is on topic, but it would be nice if it tied back (on occasion) to Lem, or his viewpoint.

This list is also to allow the readers to gain new information about authors and works that may interest them, including movies and multimedia. And, to learn about how literary theory views science fiction and in particular Lem. This necessitates some flexibility to allow topics to follow their natural course, even if the end is ``off topic.'' In short, we don't know where the next good idea will come from, so the rule is to not stifle a thread unless it has clearly degenerated, or is drawing complaints.

In short, you own your words and this is your list. Treat it well.


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