Arkady Strugatsky and Boris Strugatsky

I have only recently started reading the Strugatsky Brothers, and only a small percentage of their work has been translated into English. Their stories have a feel of unreal fantasy in a realistic world (much like magic realism). In ``About the Strugatskys' Roadside Picnic'', Stanislaw Lem attributes this to the Strugatsky brothers use of imagery from Russian fairy tales.

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English Translations of Arkady Strugatsky and Boris Strugatsky

These are books which have been translated into English. None of them are, so far as I can find, still in print in American English editions.

Noon: 22nd Century, 1960-1966.
Macmillan, 1978, Translation of Vozvrashchenie, an interwoven collection of novelettes and short stories written between 1960 and 1966. Introduction by Theodore Sturgeon.

Roadside Picnic, 1977.
Published in Roadside Picnic and Tale of the Troika by Macmillan. A close encounter between an alien race and the Earth leave ``zones'' containing inexplicable artifacts. Roadside Picnic is the best first contact story I have ever read, and a thought provoking work of fiction. It was the basis for Russian director Andrie Tarkovksy's Stalker.

Review of Roadside Picnic.

Tale of the Troika, 1977.
Published in Roadside Picnic and Tale of the Troika by Macmillian.

Far Rainbow, 1979.
Translation of Dalekaia, published by Macmillan in Far Rainbow and The Second Invasion From Mars, 1979. A planetary disaster, from which only a handful will survive, brings out the best in the inhabitants.

The Second Invasion From Mars, 1979.
Translation of Vtoroe nashestvie marsian, published by Macmillan in Far Rainbow and The Second Invasion From Mars, 1979. A sequel to War of the Worlds.

The Final Circle of Paradise, 1965.
English translation copyright 1976 by Daw Books, Inc. Original edition: Khischnye Vesch Veka, published by Young Guard Publishing house, Moscow 1965. Translated by Laurence Kresek.

Monday Begins on Saturday, 1966.
English translation copyright 1977 by Daw Books, Inc. Originally published in Russian by Young Guard Publishing house, Moscow 1966. Translated by Leonid Renen.

Prisoner of Power
An astronaut is stranded on a planet whose inhabitants have never seen the stars, and do not believe his story. Since he cannot explain where he is from, they assume he is a sky or mad. German title (translated) Inhabited Island.

Escape Attempt, 1982.
Visitors to a planet find the inhabitants living in a concentration camp, manipulated by strange machines which originate from the planets interior. English translation published by Macmillan.

Definable Maybe, 1978
English edition Macmillian, 1978. Book review.

Other Titles

These are books listed in other books or database, or which have been recommended to me. I am interested in any additional information.

Aliens, Travelers, and Other Strangers, 1984.
Published in English by Macmillan.
Inspector Glebsky's Puzzle

Hard to be a God

Time Wanderers

Tale of the Three

The Ugly Swans

The Kid

Beetle in the Ant-Hill

Waves Damp the Wind


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