Inquiring Skeptics of Upper New York

The 1st Symposium on Anomalous Phenomena.

For three years Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) hosted a UFO symposium. In 1995 the 3rd symposium was called the 1st Anomalous Phenomena Symposium. The bulk of the talks, however, were about UFOs. Several ISUNY members attended some the talks, and links are provided to our summaries.
March 31, 7:30pm
Robert Hastings - UFO Researcher, ``UFOs - The Hidden History''
April 21, 8:00pm
Dr. Bruce Maccabee - physicist, ``What's New in UFOs?''
April 22, 8:00pm
John Burke - crop circle researcher, ``Crop Circle Phenomena''
April 23, 1:00pm
Kevin Randle - UFO researcher, author, ``UFO Crash at Roswell''
April 23, 3:30pm
Marshall Vian Summers - philosopher, author
``Preparing for the Greater Community : Spiritual Implications of Human-ET contact''

The talks were free to students. Others payed from 2 to 5 dollars which went towards UPAC---the student Union which sponsors the event.

Mike Sofka