Materials for Stata and Runtime Revolution

from Kenneth L. Simons

The following technical tools may be useful to users of Stata, MetaCard, and Revolution.


My list of Useful Stata Commands is an extensive reference that I created for my students.

The following ado files extend Stata's capabilities:

For information on how to obtain these materials, click here.

Runtime Revolution

Graph and Table Objects

I've created enhanced graph and table objects that Runtime Revolution programmers can use to facilitate line graphs, scatter plots, tables, and spreadsheets (latest update: 18 December 2006).  These objects are easy to paste into any Revolution project, and the file includes extensive documentation and examples.

Download the objects in raw or zipped form.  If you have any problem when downloading, try holding down the mouse button (try right-clicking if left doesn't work) and choosing to save as a file -- in old browsers you may need to choose to save as the raw source (not text) when downloading.


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