Beyond the Limits Program for Macintosh

This program may be freely distributed to anyone, as long as all accompanying materials are distributed along with the programs. Two forms of the program are available, a large (3.1 MB) form that works on any Macintosh computer, or a small (1.3 MB) form that requires HyperCard or the HyperCard Player version 2.1 or newer. If you have deleted the copy of the HyperCard Player that came with your computer, or if you have a copy earlier than version 2.1, you will need to use the large form of the Beyond the Limits program. The two forms are identical to users, although the large form may be slightly faster than the small form.

Large, stand-alone form of Beyond the Limits:

Small form, requiring HyperCard or HyperCard Player, 2.1 or newer:

These files are in bin-hexed form. Once a file is on your computer, you may need to "decode binhex" in a program such as CompactPro or StuffIt. You will be left with a file whose name ends in ".SEA". Double-click on the file, which will un-compress to give you three new files. (Alternatively, your web browser may carry out these tasks automatically.) The files are the program itself plus two MS Word 7 documents about it. If you are using HyperCard or the HyperCard Player, make sure you set HyperCard's (or the Player's) memory to 1.2 megabytes or (preferably) more, as described in the handbook that accompanies the program. You can also view the handbook on the internet.

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Copyright ©1992-1997 by Kenneth L. Simons.
Revised 8 September 1997