Research Interests

My current research foci are: (1) Electronic and Optical Materials; (2) Adaptive Devices; (3) Energy Transformation.

Electronic and Optical Materials

Low-dimensional semiconductors, ferroelectric, pyroelectric, flexoelectric and flexo-photovoltaic semiconductors, spintronic materials, strongly correlated materials, materials with bulk photovoltaic effect.

Adaptive Electrical and Optical Devices

Reconfigurable electrical devices, neuromorphic synapses and neurons, Rashba devices.

Energy Transformation

Pyroelectricity, linear bulk and circular photo galvanic effect, photovoltaics, flexo-photovoltaic effect.

Our Laboratory Equipment

(1) a Customized Atomic Layer Deposition System (MRC 161)

(2) a Customized Pulsed Laser Deposition System (MRC 161)

(3) a Customized RF Sputtering System (MRC 139)

(4) a Customized Chemical Vapor Deposition System (MRC 161)

(5) a Cryogenic Transport Measurement System (MRC 161)

(6) a Cryogenic Optical Stage (MRC 161)

(7) a Customized Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy (MRC 161)

(8) a Micron Optical Second-harmonic Generation Measurement System (MRC 161)

(9) a High-pressure (200 bar) High-temperature Reactor (MRC 139)

(10) a High-Frequency/High-Voltage Transport Measurement System (MRC 161)

(11) an Electrochemical Measurement System (MRC 161)

(12) a Small Signal Measurement System - SR830 DSP Dual Phase Lock-In Amplifier (MRC 161)

(13) a Supercontinuum Laser (pulse width: 100 ps) (MRC 161)

(14) a 6.5 GHz Network Analyzer (MRC 137)

(15) a High-voltage Supply (20 kV) (MRC 161)


Quality of Heterostructures by Different Approaches: arxiv, 2019 See Table 1

Space Group Diagrams and Tables: Link

Fourier Analysis of Signals: Link

Crystal Structure Database: Link