Recent News:

02/2021: Multiple PhD positions on optoelectronics and spintronics starting from this summer/fall are available.




12/2019: Saloni receives the best symposium poster award in Fall MRS 2019.

12/2019: Eight group members present their results in two invited talks, three oral contributed talks and a number of posters in Fall MRS 2019.

11/2019: Dr. Shi joins the Editorial Advisory Board of Journal of Applied Physics as an Early Career Member!

11/2019: Dr. Shi delivered a seminar on epitaxy at weakly-coupled interface in Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, Boston, MA.

11/2019: Dr. Shi delivered an invited talk on neuromorphic materials and devices at CASPA symposium, Albany Nanotech Institute, New York.

09/2019: Congratulations to Zhizhong Chen and Zhuoqun Wen for receiving the Founders Awards of Excellence.

04/2019: Congratulations to Dr. Shi for receiving the ASM Geisler award.

12/2018: Congratulations to Zhizhong for receiving the cMDIS Fall Symposium best poster award.

11/2018: Congratulations to Ryan for being selected as a Corning Undergraduate Scholar.

07/2018: Yiping has passed his PhD dissertation defense successfully and will join Micron Technology, Inc. this August! Visit his scholar page!

04/2018: "The upcoming Special Topic Issue on Strain Engineering in Functional Materials is now open for submissions. Guest Editors Jian Shi and Long-Qing Chen are collaborating with Associate Editor Paul Keblinski on this Special Topic Issue." Visit the special issue webpage!

04/2018: Dr. Shi received the 2018 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute School of Engineering Research Excellence Award!

04/2018: Yiping received the NM11 Best Presentation Silver Award in Spring MRS, 2018. Congrats!

04/2018: Yiping received 2018 Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad award from the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in New York. Congrats!

04/2018: Yiping received 2018 Norman S. Stoloff Research Excellence Award!

11/2017: Yiping received Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate Student Silver Award!

11/2017: Together with his fellows, Dr. Shi co-chaired a symposium session on functional defects in MRS in Boston, MA.

11/2017: Zhizhong and Yiping presented our research progress in novel synthesis of emerging materials in MRS in Boston, MA.

11/2017: Yiping received the IEEE Nanotechnology Symposium Best Poster People's Choice Award!

10/2017: Dr. Shi delivered a departmental colloquium in Physics department at RPI. This was his second colloquium in RPI Physics in last two years.

10/2017: Dr. Shi received the AFOSR Young Investigator Research Program (YIP) Award!

10/2017: Yiping presented our work of epitaxy of halide perovskite materials on MS&T in Pittsburg, PA.

10/2017: Dr. Shi delivered two invited talks on the topics of processing and physical properties of soft crystals in 232nd ECS Meeting in National Harbor, MD.

8/2017: Zhizhong's work on Ruddlesden-Popper Phase Hybrid Perovskite of High Optical Quality by Chemical Vapor Deposition has been published on Adv. Opt. Mater..

5, 6/2017: Dr. Shi delivered several invited talks on the topic of elastic strain engineering in Sino-US Nano Forum in Beijing, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Kunming University of Science and Technology and Soochow University.

1/2017: Yiping and Yuwei presented our work on strain engineering of halide perovskite and strongly correlated oxides in EMA in Orlando.

1/2017: With his fellows, Dr. Shi organized an EMA symposium on the topic of Energy Sustainable Optoelectronics and Magnetoelectronics in Orlando.

1/2017: Welcome Yang joining our group!

12/2016: Yiping and Zhizhong delivered talks on doping and strain engineering of halide perovskites crystals in MRS Boston.

10/2016: Dr. Shi delivered an invited talk on strain engineering of halide perovskites in MS&T, Salt Lake City.

10/2016: Welcome Yuwei joining our group!

09/2016: Dr. Shi delivered an invited talk on epitaxy of halide perovskites in ASM Eastern NY Meeting.

09/2016: Dr. Shi delivered a departmental colloquium on "Incommensurate Epitaxy of Halide Perovskite Films" in MSE department at Cornell University.

08/2016: Yiping presented an oral talk discussing van der Waals epitaxial strain in soft inorganic films at XXV International Materials Research Congress 2016 in Cancun, Mexico.

07/2016: Dr. Shi presented posters on the topic of vapor deposition of soft inorganic thin films (SbSI and halide perovskites) and their properties associated with symmetry breaking at 18th International Conference on Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy in San Diego, CA.

06/2016: Yiping Wang presented our work on SbSI growth by atomic layer deposition in 58th Electronic Materials Conference (EMC 2016) in Newark, Delaware.

06/2016: Yiping Wang received RPI Presidential Award (Advisors: Jian Shi/Shengbai Zhang). Congrats!

04/2016: Dr. Shi delivered a departmental colloquium on the topic of elastic strain engineering on energy materials in ME department at the University of Washington at Seattle.

03/2016: Yiping Wang delivered an oral presentation on our research progress on strain engineering of soft inorganic materials and presented a poster on van der Waals epitaxy of halides perovskites in APS March Meeting in Baltimore, MD.

12/2015: Yiping Wang presented two posters on the topics of van der Waals epitaxy and semiconducting ferroelectrics in MRS Fall Conference in Boston, MA.

12/2015: Dr. Shi delivered a departmental colloquium on "Pressure-Induced Symmetry Breaking in High-Mobility Logic, Memory and Energy Materials" in Physics Department at RPI.

11/2015: Congratulations to Yiping Wang for receiving the best poster award in Eastern NY ASM Meeting.

08/2015: Welcome Zhizhong joining our group!

02/2015: Dr. Shi delivered a talk on ferroelectric halides in CFES meeting, Troy, NY.

02/2015: Congratulations to Yiping Wang for receiving CFES best poster award.

09/2014: Our research on Colossal Metal-Insulator Transition on a Strongly Correlated Oxide Material Samarium Nickelate is reported by NSF, Harvard University and Materials Today.

08/2014: Prof. Shi delivered a talk on neuromorphic computing in NAKFI Informed Brain in a Digital World Mid-Cycle Grant Meeting in Chicago, IL.

08/2014: Welcome Yiping joining our group!