Selected Student Works
Smoked Rafael Alcala - Smoked

"An individual wakes up to realize that he is in fact one of many cigarettes. He gets pulled out to be smoked by someone oddly familiar. This surreal 3D computer animation portrays aspects of human expendability." (Rafael Alcala)

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Daughter Colleen Mulrenan - Daughter, Sept.13

"I created this video as a way to express to others what it was like for those of us with a personal connection to the events of September 11, 2001."(Colleen Mulrenan) This video was featured in riverrun, a show sponsored by Whitney Museum and Minetta Brook.

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Moles Liz Miller - Moles

"Moles is multi-media self-examination. This fictional web narrative uses moles, the marks on my body, as a navigational and metaphorical device. The moles advance and connect short narratives about my relationship to my family and my struggle to publicly acknowledge my sexual identity." (Liz Miller)

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Maintained Laurie Brown - Maintained

Maintained is a game where the player watches over three decanting bottles, each of which contain a human fetus.

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Imperishable Christina Goldschmidt - Imperishable

This work explores the life cycles of women in Vietnam and their connection with food. It is divided into six sections: infancy, childhood, adlescence, adulthood, motherhood, and maturity.

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Maintained Hani Lim - Train of Thoughts

This website follows a train of thoughts about work and school.

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I Choose Kimmie Johnson - I Chose

This flash movie is a poem where each word and letter was animated to create a visual flow and transition from one line to the next.

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Crazy Straw Ryan Bradley - Crazy Straw

This is a witty animation of a glass of water, two people, and a crazy straw.

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Flower Animation Melissa Andritz - Flower Animation

This simple animation combines photography and line art to document and reenact the growth of a flower.

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sara Sara Chadwick - Capstone Project

This project is a mortuary for the dead mothers of fairy tale characters, such as the mother of Cinderella. As users explore the beautifully-rendered 3D environment, they are treated to stories read by the artist.

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V-West Craig Etienne - V-West

This project shows the difficulties of navigating through West Hall for persons with disabilities, and gives suggestions for changes in the architecture.

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herni Herni Juita - The Kampung

This illustration shows an ideal village in Malaysia, where traditional and modern values are in harmony.

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