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“Eco-Resilience in Games”
Gamefest Panel, Albany Capital Center, Albany, New York, April 27, 2019

Kathleen Ruiz (Eco-Resilience Games at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) panel originator & moderator
(with students Autumn Walters, Diyuan Zhu (Berry), Quitang Wang)

Jessica Ochoa Hendrix (Killer Snails), Tobi Saulnier (1st Playable Productions), Sam Donato (Ecovative Designs)



Permeable Perception: Simulation, Perspective and Empathy by Kathleen Ruiz, (New York/Dresden: Atropos Press) Upcoming book title: in-process est. publishing, December, 2020


“Passive Performativity: The Participator and the Viewer in VR Worlds” by Kathleen Ruiz, Media and its Audience, European Drama & Performance Studies, Volume 12, publication semester 1, 2020 (forthcoming)


“Radical Preservation and Aquatic Survival”

experiential transmission through art by becoming water, snorkeling with plankton, and traveling through deep time,” by Kathleen Ruiz, presented at New Perspectives: Innovations by women intersecting science, media and sonic arts, at the University of California, Santa Barbara, California Nanosystems Institute, Santa Barbara, Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology, February 8-10, 2018


 “Creative Simulation and the Gender Link: A More Creative Collective Intelligence,” by Kathleen Ruiz, presented at the Feminists in Games Conference, FIG Toronto, Ontario at the TIFF Bell Light¬box (Toronto International Film Festival) in col¬lab¬o¬ra¬tion with York Uni¬ver¬sity, Simon Fraser Uni¬ver¬sity and OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design) Uni¬ver¬sity May 4–6, 2012.

(Workshop funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) Simulation and the Gender Link.pdf

This work surveys the continuance of the cyberfeminist critique of oppression using playful, but powerful, self-expression in both the sensual realm of the body and the concrete world of the built environment, as well as the creative potential of the virtual. This paper proposes that we look to contemporary feminist artists working in simulation and game technologies to see an opening beyond the rubric of shooter and military type game experiences. This is uniquely reflected in the work of contemporary feminist artist/researchers, Stephanie Rothenberg, Anne Marie Schleiner, Sylvia Rusanka, Kathleen Ruiz, and others.  Each artist uses simulation technology and/or game art to show ways towards more potent openings to the fuller spectrum of what it is to be human in a technological culture. Theoretical, philosophical, cultural and media theorists such as Julia Kristeva, Donna Haraway, and Luce Irigaray, who addressed these issues in the late 20th century, are featured.


“Consuming and Archiving” by Kathleen Ruiz, in Conservación del Arte Electrónico ¿Qué Preservar y Cómo Preservarlo? Hofman, Vanina and Rozo, Consuelo eds., Apuntes Taxonomedia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, pgs. 71-73, 2009

An essay re-contextualizing Digital Art from within a culture of consumption, including the consumption of culture itself.

 “Physically Interactive Gaming: What Appeals to Adolescent and Undergraduate Women?” by Julie G. McIntyre , Sybillyn Jennings (The Sage Colleges) and Kathleen Ruiz (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) . Presented at the Interacting with Immersive Worlds Conference. (Keynote speaker Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi). Investigating perceptions of electronic entertainment: exercise, fun & games, and dance in conjunction with a study examining female preferences in video games and a series of creative workshops in ErGoGenic games. Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, June 4-5, 2007. 

Conditions of Engagement in Game Simulation: Contexts of Gender, Culture and Age
Juried paper presented at the International Digital Games Reserch Association, "Level Up" University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, November 2003

Imaginary Homelands: Reconstituted Narratives in the Digital Landscape

Exhibit curated for The Center of Photography at Woodstock, N.Y. , 2002

Web3D RoundUp: Looking Backwards and Forwards
Vol.34 No.2 May 2000 ACM SIGGRAPH



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