Kathleen R U I Z

				It is the unseen,  interior structures 
				of nature and thought that interest me; the 
				border between incorporeal, 
				subjective space, and physical, objective space - 
				the duality  of ideal/actual. The 
				work seeks to question issues of restructured 
				reality by monumentalizing  the in-
				visible or visually insignificant, which often
				are more powerful than what is evident. 
				In the work Significance 
				I created a form in Swivel 3D Pro, imported 
				it into MacroMedia 3D for rendering and 
				then to Photoshop where I processed part of 
				it to create the interior cellular material 
				and composited the entire image and printed 
				to a dye sublimation printer.
				other images:


				The idea of randomness in a conceptual space relating 
				to the physical states of genetic causality (my brother 
				being mentally retarded and the cause is unknown), 
				and the seeming randomness in accidental situations in 
				life (the statistics of who is born when and where and 
				for how long) are incomprehensible. What are the strange 
				factors which determine these course of events?  It is 
				only by creating a visual discourse with these phenomena 
				that I can begin to have the possibility of accepting them. 
				Numerical Space 
 				It is through working with the computer that I have been 
				able to question the belief structure of consciousness and 
				explore the border between physical, simulated, imaginary, 
				and numerical space. 
				Our society and culture have placed increased importance upon 
				the value of numbers in   everything from the requisite social 
				security number (ensuring a reflection of our existence) to 
				statistical phenomena  in quantum physics. P.Virilio

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