Game Theory: Bang Bang (your not dead?)


The work expresses issues about the structure of consciousness, behavior and interaction, and how these influence perception.

Game Theory: Bang Bang (you're not dead?) comments on the observation of violence in computer games and the emotionality of their users. It portrays the seductive nature of immediate response and illustrates the fine line between reality and fantasy.

The installation satirizes the old military model of digital gaming and offers new alternatives. A gaming console houses not a game, but a videotape of participants playing previous video games. Contemporary viewing systems are turned around to illustrate a critical new look at violence in video games. With Bang, Bang (you're not dead?), I am continuing a long-term interest in the exploration of the interrelationshi
ps between reality and fantasy. The exhibition asks us the question, 'does our recreation re-create us?'

Large mural size digital images created and culled from a series of photographs that I have taken of video game participants cover the walls of the gallery creating an almost cinematic illusion. The observer/the observed/the process of observation and participation are considered separately and together.

Sarah Plant - sound design, Rich Czyzewski - programming design, Christina Frolish - 3D modeler, James Baungartner - video editing.