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Kathleen Ruíz


abd Ph.D., European Graduate School / European University for Interdisciplinary Studies, EGS/EUFIS
M.A., New York University

Kathleen Ruiz is an internationally exhibiting media artist who creates simulations, games, installations, sculpture and photography. Her work explores issues about perception, behavior, interaction and the confluence of the imaginary and the real, inviting inquiry into how conceptual constructs are built and how they serve to shape ethics and power.

Portraying the promise of technology as well as its frightening, fascinating and humorous contradictions, Ruiz poses questions about the oxymoron of virtual violence, catharsis, and desensitization in simulated space. She provides us with simulated places where multiple viewpoints can be explored and expanded, while challenging us to simultaneously perceive perspectives of the observer, the observed and the process of observation.
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