Dr. Michael Z. Podowski

   Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics
   Director, Center for Multiphase Research

RPI Faculty Profile

Center For Multiphase Research

Professor Podowski is an internationally recognized expert in the following fields: fundamentals and applications of multiphase flow and heat transfer, computational multiphase flow dynamics (CMFD), dynamics and stability of multiphase systems, and nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics and safety.

Recent and current research initiatives of Dr. Podowski include the following areas:
   -  fundamental physics of gas/liquid interfacial phenomena,
   -  development of multidimensional models of computational multiphase fluid dynamics (CMFD),
   -  advanced Generation-IV nuclear reactors,
   -  multiphase flow in chemical processing equipment for synthetic fuel production,
   -  microscale flow filtration systems.

Professor Podowski has over 250 technical publications, including 7 books/book-chapters and 50+ journal papers. He is Fellow of American Nuclear Society (ANS) and member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers and American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Contact Information:

Jonsson Engineering Center
rm: 5044
110 8th Street
Troy, New York 12180
email: podowm@rpi.edu
phone: (518) 276-4000

Updated Jan 12, 2009