Interfacial Transport Group

We welcome, the restless, inquisitive soul
Who blundered into this page with the ultimate goal
Of learning how transport plays a dominant role
In science, technology, and all we want to control.
We break dielectrics of all practical types
And drown wickless, unfloodable, simple heat pipes.
We condense where only evaporation should hold
And build no index films for light beam control.
We educate, calculate, simulate, and anticipate,
Synthesize, theorize, compromise, and articulate.
We explain the wonders of nature right under our nose
That basic transport phenomena can only expose.
So surf through this website and take a moment or two
To check out the group and see all we can do.

Contact Us

Phone: (518) 276 6049

Fax: (518) 276 4030