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Academic Credentials 

Jonathan Newell received Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Ph.D. in Physiology. Before joining the Biomedical Engineering department at Rensselaer, he served for two years in the Peace Corps in Electric Power Engineering and also gained two years of industrial experience at Raytheon. Jon is pleased to report that he has successfully kept his tongue out of electrical sockets ever since, a direct result of his stint in the Peace Corps.  

He was an investigator for 20 years in the Trauma Research Center at the Albany Medical Center, conducting clinical research into the physiological consequences and complications of injury or trauma. He has investigated basic physiological regulation of the pulmonary circulation and gas exchange and was awarded the Clinical Engineering Achievement Award by the Association for advancement of Medical Instrumentation in 1984. He has also been a reviewer of grants for research and training in Biomedical Engineering for the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the Whitaker Foundation. In 1993, he won the William H. Wiley Distinguished Faculty Award. He and his colleagues were awarded the 1993 Computerworld/Smithsonian Award in Medicine. In 1998, he won RPI's Darrin Counselling Award. 

For the last twenty years he and his colleagues have brought a high degree of technological sophistication to the bedside of the critically ill, in addition to their rapier wit. They have developed and implemented algorithms for real time Electrical Impedance Imaging of the thorax, and the breast.  

His hobby is an enterprise called NG Products.

Research Projects