MATP6620 / ISYE6760
Integer and Combinatorial Optimization

Class Project

April 28, 2021

Structure of the presentations:

The presentations will take place on Monday May 10, from 11:30am–2:30pm, in my webex room

The presentations should be no more than 10 minutes long. There will be 16 presentations. The order of the presentations will be determined on the day. You need to be prepared to share your screen.

There will be two “assignments” in LMS: your report and your slides.

Please upload a copy of your slides in LMS beforehand and I will upload them, to make it easier for your colleagues to follow along. Include your name in the file name of your slides.

Please ask questions during the presentations. I will award bonus points for good questions; I will not deduct points for difficulties in answering questions from students.


Your writeup is due on Sunday May 9. Your report should be about 5-10 pages long. It must be typewritten: upload an electronic copy to LMS as a pdf file. It should describe the problem you worked on, what you did to solve the problem, and the significance of what you did. You should also cite relevant references and state what was novel about your approach. For group projects, also upload one sheet from each group member discussing his or her individual contribution.

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