MATH2800 Introduction to Discrete Structures
Sections 1-4.

Spring 2011

John Mitchell, Amos Eaton 325, x6915, mitchj at rpi dot edu

Teaching Assistant:
Joe Rosenthal, Amos Eaton 424, rosenj2 at rpi dot edu

Grades through Quiz 9 and Exam 3, for students who took all three exams. Includes the advance grade prior to quiz 10. The inclusion of quiz 10 will cause the advance grade to rise by up to 1 point. Sorted by the advance grade.

Course outline. Includes office hours, grading scheme, policy for makeup exams, and other details.

Course schedule including the dates of the quizzes and exams.

Homeworks: The homeworks contain lists of the sections covered in the quizzes.


Exams: As you would expect, no collaboration is permitted on the quizzes, exams or the final exam.

Notes: Handwritten scanned copies of my notes from Spring 2007 (pdf files):

MathZone Companion Website: The companion website to the text is at
This site contains extra examples and demonstration applets, as well as other material.

Other Resources: