MATH1020 Calculus II, Sections 1 - 4

Fall 1999

Grades: The course grades are now available: The first column is your four-digit code and the last column is your course grade. The entries are sorted by the four digit codes. You should be able to check all of your grades via SIS sometime next week.

Have a good break!

Here is a discussion of four digit codes and the chances that two students choose the same code.

Proctored Gateway Exams are no longer being offered. Out of approximately 88 students, 36 of you got 10/10 on the gateway, and a further 16 of you got 9/10 on the gateway. Everyone with an advance grade of A got 10/10 on the gateway.

Instructor: John Mitchell, Amos Eaton 325, x6915,

Teaching Assistants:
Andrew Heyd, sections 1 and 3,
Jason Mahar, sections 2 and 4,

Course outline.

Course policies.

Office hours

Quizzes: More information about the problems that you should solve.

Laboratories, including the assignments and the solutions. The solutions to Lab 10 are now available.

Exams, including old exams, solutions to exams, the times of the exams, and further information about the exams. The Fall 98, exam 3 is now available. Further, the Fall 98 Final Exam is also now available.

Gateway Exams: more information, including a sample question, a list of useful formulas, and the updated schedule. The Gateway Schedule has been finalized for the remainder of the semester. Note: you can now also take the gateway exam on Friday, December 10, between 8am and 3pm, in Amos Eaton 215 and 216. This is the last day to take the exam.


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