Branda Miller has been a cutting-edge videographer for over 20 years. She has developed a portfolio of intriguing, award-winning works, examining topics in areas such as environmentalism, consumerism, social behavior and cyber culture.
U & I dOt cOm (1999)

Witness to the Future (1996)

State of the Art: Art of the State? (1991)

National Arts Emergency (1990)

talkin' 'bout droppin' out!! (1989)

We Have the Force (1989)

Cori: A Struggle for Life (1989)

The Birth of a Candy Bar (1988)

Ana Mendieta: Fuego de Tierra (1987)

Time Squared (1987)

I Want Some Insecticide (1986)

Unset Blvd: Media Hostages (1985)

That's It Forget It (1985)

Auto-Olympia (1984)

L.A. Nickel (1983)

An Interview with Michel Foucault (1982)

Warhol-Neiman Party (1982)