• FACM 2015 Newark June 5, 2015: Negative Effects in Vortex Dynamics, In Honor of Denis Blackmore 70th click here
  • AMS Newark 2010: Anomalous expansion and negative speci c heat in quasi-2D plasmas click here
  • Indiana University Math Institute Seminar & Purdue University CCAM Math Seminar 2008: Phase Transitions in Planetary atmospheres - a Shallow-Water Model and applications to Venusian super-rotation and giant spots on Jupiter click here for powerpoint
  • International Workshop "Collective phenomena in macroscopic systems" Lago di Como 2007: Exact solution and Monte-Carlo simulations of a energy-enstrophy theory for geo/astro - physical flows - Venus Super-rotating atmosphere click here for summary & Energy-enstrophy theory for coupled fluid / rotating sphere system - exact solutions for super-rotations click here for proceedings
  • AMS New Orleans 2007: Exact solutions of a spherical model for the energy-enstrophy theory of a barotropic fluid coupled to rotating massive sphere click here for program website
  • ICIAM Zurich 2007: Recent advances in vortex dynamics click here for conference website
  • Lorentz Center Netherlands 2007: Two-dimensional Turbulence click here for list of participants
  • IUTAM Moscow 2006 Plenary Talk: Statistical Equilibrium in large scale atmospheric and planetary flows - exact solns for phase transitions to super-rotation in barotropic and divergent flows coupled to rotating sphere click here for powerpoint & Phase transitions to Super-rotation in a Coupled Fluid - Rotating Sphere System click here for transcript
  • GAMM Symposium Berlin 2006: Phase transitions in new vortex matter in superfluid He4, superconductors, BEC in magnetic and laser traps and ideal fluids, a new form of chaos that arise from fluctuations along vortex lines, and vortex tangles
  • Yale Math Department Analysis Seminar 2006:Phase transitions in new vortex matter and in the Shallow Water Equations
  • AIAA Toronto 2005: Barotropic Vortex Dynamics and Statistics - application to Super-rotation click here for preprint & Recent Advances in 2D and 2.5D Vortex statistics and Dynamics
  • MIT Conference Cambridge 2005: Heton model MC simulations
  • Yale Math and Sciences Colloquium 2005: Tsunamis and Barge Canals click here for article
  • International Conference on Dynamical Systems Beijing 2001: Logarithmic Interations, 2-D Turbulence, and Random Matrices
  • Program on Physics of Hydrodynamic Turbulence, Mini-Workshop on Mathematics and Fluids Santa Barbara 2000: Exact solution of a three constraints equilibrium statistical mechanics model for 2-D turbulence click here for online notes


  • Presentation to ARO with Tim Anderson: Path Integral Monte Carlo Applied to Nearly Parallel Vortex Filaments click here for poster
  • Presentation at AMS Atlanta 2006, Xueru Ding: Equilibrium Phases in a Energy- Relative enstrophy Statistical Mechanics Model of Barotropic Flows on a Rotating Sphere - non-conservation of angular momentum click here for poster
  • Presentation at AMS Atlanta 2006, Rajinder Singh Mavi: Phase Transitions of barotropic flow on the sphere by the Bragg method click here for poster & click here for the proceedings