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Mathematical Sciences
Peter Kramer
Mathematical Sciences
Peter Kramer

Ph.D. Princeton University
Applied and Computational Mathematics

Research Areas 
  • Coordinated activity of molecular motor proteins within biological cells
  • Statistical mechanics of colonies of swimming microorganisms
  • Statistical modeling in environmental science
  • Statistical inference of neuronal network structure

Selected Publications  (full list with links):
  • Y. Ashenafi and P. R. Kramer, "Statistical Mobility of Multicellular Colonies of Flagellated Swimming Cells," submitted.
  • E. Qian, J. M. Tabert, C. Beattie, S. Gugercin, J. Jiang, P. R. Kramer, and A. Narayan, "Model Reduction of Linear Dynamical Systems via Balancing for Bayesian Inference," Journal of Scientific Computing 91 (2022):  29.
  • F. Olmez, P. R. Kramer, J. Fricks, D. R. Schmidt, and J. Best, "Penalized KS method to fit data sets with power law distribution over a bounded subinterval," Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 91 (2021):  1524-1563.
  • J. J. Klobusicky, J. Fricks, and P. R. Kramer, "Effective behavior of cooperative and nonidentical molecular motors," Research in the Mathematical Sciences 7 (2020):  29. Part of a collection on Modern Applied Mathematics and Scientific Grand Challenges: Special Collection in Honor of Andrew J. Majda on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday.
  • Y. Qian, P. R. Kramer, and P. T. Underhill, "Stochastic Kinetic Theory for Collective Behavior of Hydrodynamically Interacting Active Particles," Physical Review Fluids 2 (2017):  043104.
  • K. A. Newhall, M. S. Shkarayev, P. R. Kramer, G. Kovacic, and D. Cai, "Synchrony in stochastically driven neuronal networks with complex topologies," Physical Review E 91 (2015): 052806.

  • J. C. Latorre, P. R. Kramer, and G. A. Pavliotis, "Numerical Methods for Computing Effective Transport Properties of Flashing Brownian Motors," Journal of Computational Physics 257A (2014):  57-82.  

  • O. Kurbanmuradov, K. Sabelfeld, and P. R. Kramer, "Randomized Spectral and Fourier-Wavelet Methods for Multidimensional Gaussian Random Vector Fields," Journal of Computational Physics 245 (2013):  218-234.

  • K. A. Newhall, E. P. Atkins, P. R. Kramer, G. Kovacic, and I. R. Gabitov, "Random Polarization Dynamics in a Resonant Optical Medium," Optics Letters 38 (6), (2013):   893-895. 

  • J. C. Latorre, G. A. Pavliotis, and P. R. Kramer, "Corrections to Einstein's relation for Brownian motion in a tilted periodic potential," Journal of Statistical Physics 150 (4), (2013):  776-803. 

  • E. P. Atkins, P. R. Kramer, G. Kovacic, and I. R. Gabitov, "Stochastic Pulse Switching in a Degenerate Resonant Optical Medium," Physical Review A 85 (2012), 043834.  
  • S. A. McKinley, A. Athreya, J. Fricks, and P. R. Kramer, "Asymptotic Analysis of Microtubule-Based Transport by Multiple Identical Molecular Motors,Journal of Theoretical Biology 305 (2012):  54-69. 

  • P. R. Kramer, C. S. Peskin, and P. J. Atzberger, "On the foundations of the stochastic immersed boundary method," Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 197(25-28), 2008: 2232-2249 

  • P. J. Atzberger, P. R. Kramer, and C. S. Peskin, "A stochastic immersed boundary method for fluid-structure dynamics at microscopic length scales," Journal of Computational Physics 224 (2), 2007: 1255-1292.

  • L. J. Borucki, T. Witelski, C. Please, P. R. Kramer, and D. Schwendeman, "A theory of pad conditioning for chemical-mechanical polishing,"  Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 50 (1), 2004:  1-24.

  • A. J. Majda and P. R. Kramer, "Simplified models for turbulent diffusion:  Theory, numerical modelling and physical phenomena," Physics Reports, 314 (4-5), 1999: 237-574.

Course Information (lecture notes and homework problems from some previous semesters):

  • MATH 6660, Stochastic Processes and Modeling

Mathematical and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM)
Graduate Student Mathematical Modeling Camps (GSMMC) and Mathematical Problems in in Industry (MPI) Workshops
Mathematical-Related Amusements and some Personal Notes

Contact Information

Peter Kramer
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th Street
Troy, New York 12180

Phone: (518) 276-6896
Fax: (518) 276-4824



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