Joshua Kavner

I am a PhD student in artificial intelligence at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I graduated with a BSE in data science from the University of Michigan, College of Engineering. My research focuses on the computational properties of negotiation in group decision-making by independent agents and allocating resources fairly. Formally, this spans the fields of computational social choice, algorithmic game theory, and multiagent systems.

Ongoing work:
Distribution of Chores with Information Asymmetry
Hadi Hosseini, Joshua Kavner, Tomasz Wąs, Lirong Xia
Presented at the Computational Fair Division workshop at IJCAI-23.

Hide, Not Seek: Perceived Fairness in Envy-Free Allocations of Indivisible Goods
Hadi Hosseini, Joshua Kavner, Sujoy Sikdar, Rohit Vaish, Lirong Xia
Presented at the Computational Fair Division workshop at IJCAI-23.

Convergence of Multi-Issue Iterative Voting under Uncertainty
Joshua Kavner, Reshef Meir, Francesca Rossi, and Lirong Xia
In Proceedings of IJCAI'23. [Link to talk.]

Strategic Behavior is Bliss: Iterative Voting Improves Social Welfare
Joshua Kavner and Lirong Xia
In Proceedings of NeurIPS'21.

Philosophy of Science, Network Theory, and Conceptual Change:
Paradigm Shifts as Information Cascades

Patrick Grim, Joshua Kavner, Lloyd Shatkin, and Manjari Trivedi
In Complex Systems in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: Theory, Method, and Application
by Euell Elliot and J Douglas Kiel, University of Michigan Press. June, 2021.

Informal Corner

In my free time, I dance Lindy Hop, play the piano, read, and photograph. Check out my photos below!

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