Educational Goal:

IMG_9348 (Medium)mechatronics

Rensselaer Arduino Support Package (RASPlib): 

A Simulink Arduino driver toolbox with support for: quadrature encoder, compass/magnetometer, barometer, temperature, accelerometer, gyroscope, driver amplifier (DC motor driver), and simple serial communication and plotting tools. It is developed as an educational tool for students.

Supported Sensors: MPU6050, MPU9250, HMC5883, BMP280, MS5611, commonly found on GY-521, GY-271, GY-91, GY-87

Recommend installing MATLAB 2015a 32 bit (faster, comes with compiler). Be sure to download the entire zip file.  2015a-2017a is supported and tested.

Download RASPlib (tested on 2015a- 2017a)

Old versions: (2016b 3/4/17 here), (2016b 12/15/16 here), (2015a 12/26/16 here), (3/6/15 V1.1 here), (3/14 V1.0 here)

Rensselaer Mechatronics Curriculum Labs:

Download Curriculum Labs (12/13/16), (3/6/15 V1.1 here), (V1.0 here)

Content is development version still in testing - please check often for updates. Please contact if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Also contact if you want source documents for course adoption. Thanks!

Draft introduction labs for Mechatronics:

- Simulink Arduino Intro Blinking LED

- RASPlib Installation Instructions

- Analog Encoder PWM

- Gyroscope Reading and Calibrating

- Magnetometer Making a Compass

- Serial Communication Basics

- Bluetooth Communication

- DC Motor Step Response

- Realistic DC Motor Simulation

- Basic DC Motor Control

- Realistic PI Controller Simulation

- DC Motor Parameter ID

- Determining Angle with Complimentary Filter

- Basic Balancing Lab

- Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Library Image:

Please contact for questions, suggestions, or concerns:

Contact: Joshua Hurst,