The Hurley Laboratory at


Graduate Students

Hannah De los Santos
Hannah De los Santos (2016-2020) is now a Senior Data Scientist at Mitre.
Emily Collins
Emily Collins-Rice (2016-2020) is now a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Seattle.
Alex Mosier
Alexander Mosier (2016-2021) is now a Bioanalytical Seperations Scientist with Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories.

Masters Students

Cate Mann
Catherine Mann (2017-2019) is now an Associate Specialist - IT Emerging Talent Rotation at Merck.

Undergraduate Students

Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas (2017-2020) is now a graduate student in the Dresden International PhD Program at the Dresden International Graduate School for Biotechnology and Bioengineering.
Sam Fordyce
Sam Fordyce (2015-2017) is now a Medical Student at Albany Med.
Katherine Uliva
Katherine Uliva (2015-2016) is now a Design Engineer at Blasch Precision Ceramics.

Ansuri Kadakuntla
Anusri Kadakuntla (2016-2017) is now a Medical Student at Albany Med.

Laura Telfer
Laura Telfer (2017) is now a Clinical Research Coordinator at Tufts.