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BIOL/BCBP 4965/6965 - The Biology of Systems

This course is designed to be a first course in the study of “systems biology”, to introduce students to the field, the experimental and computational methods that are used within it, and the type of insights that the field can provide to biology. To fully appreciate the complexity of living systems, researchers gather systematic, quantitative measurements of a system’s components using cutting-edge omics techniques. In addition, researchers also leverage computing power to describe, model, and predict dynamic behaviors that could otherwise not be perceived in such large scale omics data. Along with these topics, students will learn to critically read current scientific literature. This class is taught each spring.

BIOL/BCBP 4961/6961 – Current Topics in Circadian Biology

This is an in-depth study of current papers within the broad field of Circadian Biology. Students will read and critique primary papers, present current research articles, and lead critical discussions.