NameLaomedon King of Troy
Misc. Notes
When Laomedon 1 was king of Troy, Apollo and Poseidon decided to put him to the test. Assuming the likeness of mortal men, the two gods undertook to fortify Troy for wages. But when the work was done, King Laomedon 1 would not pay their wages. So Apollo sent a pestilence, and Poseidon sent a sea-monster that snatched away the people of the plain. The oracles foretold deliverance from these calamities if Laomedon 1 would expose his daughter Hesione 2 to be devoured by the sea-monster. So he, more obedient of this oracle than of his agreement with the gods, exposed Hesione 2 to the monster by fastening her to the rocks near the sea. When Heracles 1 saw her exposed, he promised to save her on condition of receiving from Laomedon 1 the mares which Zeus had given in compensation for the rape of Ganymedes . Once again Laomedon 1 promised to pay for the service, and Heracles 1 killed the monster and saved Hesione 2 . But when this was accomplished, Laomedon 1 would not give the agreed reward.

For this reason, Heracles 1 made war on Troy one generation before the well known Trojan War . This attack on Troy, Heracles 1 did it in conjunction with, among others, Telamon, father of Ajax 1 .Heracles 1 deployed eighteen ships with fifty oars each, that is, an insignificant fleet compared to the one that sailed against Troy one generation after [see ACHAEAN LEADERS for details about this fleet]. After some fight, the town was besieged, and shortly after Telamon, who was the first to breach in the wall, entered the city. After him came Heracles 1 , who killed Laomedon 1 and his sons except for young Priam 1, who was then appointed king of Troy. The king's daughter Hesione 2 was given to Telamon as a prize. Hesione 2 is mother of Teucer 1, who became leader of the Salaminians against Troy one generation after.
ChildrenPriam (Podarces) (~1230bc-1183bc)
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