NameIlus King of Troy
FatherTros King of Dardania (1375bc-1328bc)
Misc. Notes
Ilus, son of Tros, founded the city of Ilium (Troy) that he called after himself. Ilus 2 went to Phrygia , and taking part in games that at the time were held by the king, he won a victory in wrestling. As a prize, he received fifty youths and as many maidens, and the king, obeying an oracle, gave him also a cow, and asked him to found a city wherever the cow should lie down. The cow rested in the hill of Ate, and in that spot Ilus built the city which he called Ilium. Then he prayed to Zeus that a sign might be shown to him, and he saw the Palladium fallen from heaven and lying before his tent. Ilus was then blinded, for the Palladium might not be looked upon by any man. But later, when he had made offerings to the goddess, he recovered his sight.

In this way, the kingdom of Dardanus 1 and Erichthonius 1 was divided, because while Ilus 2 became king of Ilium (Troy), his brother Assaracus continued to be king of the Dardanians.
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