NameKavad I King of Sasanian Empire
Misc. Notes
Kavad (Kabades, first reign), son of Peroz, lived with the Hephthalites as a hostage and was supported by them. Kavad supported the religiosocialist movement of Mazdak , son of Bamdad. Mazdak seems to have been a Zoroastrian priest whose gnostic and egalitarian doctrine gained support among the common people but hostility from the nobles and the traditional priesthood. A conspiracy was formed against Kavad; he was arrested and replaced by his brother, Zamasp , who ruled from 496–498. Kavad escaped to the Hephthalmites, who accompanied him back to Persia where Zamasp resigned.

Kavad (second reign) returned to power and withdrew official support for increasingly radical reforms demanded by Mazdak.

FIRST WAR WITH ROME (Byzantium). The Byzantine emperor's failure to support Kavad led to an indecisive war in which the Persians took Amida. Peace was made, and Amida and other Persian conquests were ceded (506).

The nobility and the Zoroastrian priesthood continued to oppose the Mazdakites, who were massacred late in the reign (523). The Arab kingdom of the Kinda occupied parts of Mesopotamia (506–528), and unrest in Iberia led to the introduction of a Persian garrison.

SECOND WAR WITH ROME (Byzantium). Hostilities began in the Caucasus with Persian victories in Iberia and Mesopotamia (527–528) (See 527–31 ). Belisarius defeated Persia at the Battle of Daras (528) but was himself defeated at the Battle of Callinicum (531). The war ended with the death of Kavad. Khusrau, the crown prince, engineered the execution of Mazdak and his followers as heretics (531) and then succeeded his father, Kavad.
ChildrenKhusrau (Xosrov) I (-579)
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