NameHormizd (Ormazd) IV King of Sasanian Empire
Misc. Notes
Hormizd IV . War with Rome (Byzantium) continued. The Persians were defeated by Maurice at Constantia (581). In 589 the Romans took Martyropolis, while the Romans won an important victory near Nisibis. The war continued indecisively, weakening both sides.

Persia was invaded by Arabs. The advance of the Turks constituted a real danger, but they were defeated by the Persian general Bahram . Bahram was ordered to invade Lazica but was met and defeated by the Romans on the Araxes. Superseded and insulted by the king, he rebelled. Hormizd was deposed and murdered; he was succeeded by his son, Khusrau.
ChildrenKhusrau II (~560-628)
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