NameSarah Jorisey Rapalje
Birth9 Jun 1625, Ft Orange (Albany), New York
Death1685, Breukelen, Kings Co., New York
FatherJoris Jansen de Rapalje  (1604-1662)
MotherCatalyntie Jurisey Trico (1605-1689)
Misc. Notes
S.R. Durand:
"Sarah de Rapalie was the first white child born in New
Netherlands. She was born at "Fort Orangie" at what is now Albany, New
York on June 9, 1625. We are descended from her through both my mother
and father. She was a daughter of (718) Joris Jansen de Rapalie and his
wife, (717) Catalyn Trico. Her parents lived at Fort Orangie from 1623
until 1626, when they removed to New Amsterdam (now New York City). She
married (1) Hans Hansen Bergen, and they lived in New Amsterdam in a
house on the present Pearl Street backing up against the south side of
the fort. They had several children before her husband's death in late
1653. She sold the home May 30, 1654 to Caes Bording. On February 28,
1656, a suit was brought in the Burgermaster's Court in New Amsterdam by
Paulus Schrick against Sarah Joris (the widow of Hans Hansen Bergen) for
the payment of a note of 84 florins and 5 stuyvers signed by her deceased
husband in April, 1651. A florin or guilder was worth about 40 cents,
and a stuyver about 2 cents. Defendant stated "she knows nothing of the
plaintiff inasmuch as the plaintiff hath not spoken to her for a long
time and also it was not counted in the settlement of the deceased's
estate." She requested a delay of payment until next harvest, which was
agreed to by plaintiff.
According to the baptismal records of the Protestant Reformed Dutch
Church in New Amsterdam, Hans Hansen Bergen and Sarah de Rapalie had
eight children: 2) Anneken, bp. July 22, 1640; 2) Brecktje, bp. July 27,
1642; 3) Jan, bp. April 17, 1643; 4) Michael, bp. November 4, 1645, our
ancestor; 5) Joris, bp. July 18, 1649; 6) Marritje, bp. October 8, 1651;
7) Jacob, bp. September 21, 1653; and 8) Catalyn (twin to Jacob), bp.
November 30, 1653, who died young.
On April 4, 1656, Sarah Joresey (daughter of Jores), first born
Christian white child in New Netherlands, and widow of Hans Hansen
Bergen, petitioned the Governor and Council for some meadows adjoining
the 200 morgen (400 acres) granted her at the Waalebocht. She stated
that her neighbors mow the meadows in question and disturb her in the use
of them, although they have meadows adjoining their own lands, and that
she is burdened with seven children; she also asked for an exemption from
taxes. The meadows were granted, but the exemption refused; probably
because she neglected to state she was remarried. She resided at this
time on the farm patented by her first husband on March 30, 1647.
Sarah de Rapalie, widow of Hans Hansen Bergen, must have remarried
(406) Teunis Gysberts Bogaert in 1654. Their children were: 1) Aartje,
bp. December 19, 1655; 2) Neeltje, bp. February 22, 1666, died young; 3)
Annetje, bp. August 23, 1665, our ancestress (203); 4) Neeltje, bp.
August 23, 1665; 5) Guysbert and 6) Grietje. So, Sarah de Rapalie was
the mother of fourteen children all told. She had become a member of the
Dutch Reformed Church in Brooklyn in 1661, and died in 1685 aged almost
sixty. It has always been interesting to me to be descended twice from
this first white person born in New Netherlands, comprising [much of] the
states of what are now New York, New Jersey and part of Connecticut."
Birth1627, Bergen, Norway
Death1651, New Amsterdam, New York
Marriage5 Mar 1639, New Amsterdam, Montgomery, NY
ChildrenMaria (Marritje) Hansen (1651-1736)
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