NameHans Hansen Bergen
Birth1627, Bergen, Norway
Death1651, New Amsterdam, New York
Misc. Notes
S.R. Durand:
"Hans Hansen Bergen was a native of Bergen, Norway, according to old
records. He was a ship's carpenter, and settled in Amsterdam, Holland.
In 1633, he emigrated to New Amsterdam, coming on the same ship with
Wouter Van Twiller, the second Director General. In the early records,
his name appears often as "Hans Hansen Van Bergen in Norwegan," "Hans
Hansen Noorman," "Hans Noorman," and "Hans Hansen de Noorman," referring
to the fact that he was a Norwegian. In those days, the Dutch often used
a man's given name plus the given name of his father, and did not add the
surname as is done today. Or, sometimes, they added the place from
whence a man had come so our ancestor had the name Hans, his father's
name was also Hans, and he acquired the surname Bergen from having come
from Bergen, Norway.
After Hans Hansen Bergen's marriage to Sarah Rapalje in 1639, they
lived on what is now Pearl Street. In 1638, he had been engaged in the
cultivation of a tobacco plantation on land owned by Andries Huddle on
Manhattan Island. He also worked at his trade of a shipwright. In 1643,
he had his own plantation on Long Island, but was among those who fled to
the city for protection from the Indians. On April 23, 1644, he and his
father-in-law, Joris Jansen Rapalje, bought cattle of William Smith of
Stamford. On March 30, 1647, he obtained a patent for 200 morgen (400
acres) of land in the "kil of Jorse Rapalie." This land was later called
Wallabout. There are several records that he owned this land before
1640, but did not obtain a patent for it until 1647. He probably moved
his family and resided on this plantation in 1648. He died toward the
end of the year 1653 about the time his two youngest twin children were

Hans Hansen von Bergen was born about 1610-15 in Bergen Norway. In April 1633 he appeared in Amsterdam. He was a son of a ships carpenter. Question,could he have been from Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands instead and been a
descendant of a HRE Marquise ? This is the only way he could have gotten the von in his name. Bergen, T, Register of Settlers of Kings Co. p 32; & Walsh, R. Cranbury past and Present p 28. Media Research Bureau-Name & Family of Bergen.
LDS lists death as 1653-54 in New Amsterdam.
J. Potts letter 11/22/97 states he arriven in New Netherlands aboard the ship Salt Mountain [de Zoutberg] & married Sarah de Rapalje in 1639.
Hans Hansen von Bergen was born about 1610-15 in Bergen, Norway. In April 1633, he appeared in Amsterdam. He was a son of a ship's carpenter. He arrived in New Netherland aboard the ship, Salt Mountain (de Zoutberg) and married Sarah de

Rapalje in 1639..
Birth9 Jun 1625, Ft Orange (Albany), New York
Death1685, Breukelen, Kings Co., New York
FatherJoris Jansen de Rapalje  (1604-1662)
MotherCatalyntie Jurisey Trico (1605-1689)
Marriage5 Mar 1639, New Amsterdam, Montgomery, NY
ChildrenMaria (Marritje) Hansen (1651-1736)
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