NameBohemond I of Antioch Prince of Antioch
Birthabt 1052, Italy
Death3 Mar 1111, Canossa, Italy
MotherAlberada of Burgundy (>1016->1122)
Misc. Notes
Bohemond I raised a small, but well-equipped army for his participation in the First Crusade. He recognized the potential for aquiring some
rich lands from the tottering Byzantine Empire, and is said to have taken off his scarlet coat in front of his troops, torn it into pieces and made
crosses for his commanders.
Bohemond and his troops took five months to reach Constantinople after crossing the Adriatic from the Italian port of Bari. They landed at
various points on what is now the Albanian coast between Byrrachium and Avlona. There they decided to take the road over the mountains
through Castoria. Bohemond went ahead of his troops and arrived in Constantinople on 10 April 1097.
After a victory at Nicaea, Bohemond and others who had joined his half of the army were 80 miles farther when they routed the re-grouped
forces of Sultan Kilij Arslan at Dorylaeum. According to Bohemond's chronicler, "We pursued them, killing them for a whole day, and we
took much booty, gold, silver, horses, asses, camels, oxen, sheep and many other things about which we do not know,"
Bohemond I (circa 1057-1111), prince of Antioch, leader of the First Crusade, and founder of a Crusader dynasty in Syria. The eldest son of
Robert Guiscard, Norman duke of Apulia and Calabria in southern Italy, Bohemond distinguished himself in a war (1081-85) against the
Byzantine Empire. After Robert Guiscard's death (1085), the Norman domain was divided between Bohemond and his brother. Bohemond
joined the First Crusade to try to extend his possessions. As long as he remained with the Crusaders, Bohemond was their leader, although
he was not officially recognized as such. Antioch was captured in June 1098, and Bohemond received it as a principality. He was captured
by the Muslims in 1100 and held prisoner until 1103. After suffering a great defeat the following year, he returned to western Europe to seek
help. During his stay in France, he married the daughter of King Philip I of France. By 1107 he was head of a large army of adventurers who
had been attracted by his military renown, but instead of returning to Antioch, he led his forces against the Byzantine Empire, which had
restricted the expansion of his principality after 1098. His attack was unsuccessful, and Bohemond was forced to accept a peace that made
him a vassal of the Byzantine emperor.
Bohemond's descendants ruled Antioch until 1268 and Tripoli from 1187 to 1289.

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Birthabt 1078
Deathabt 1125
MotherBertha of Holland (1055-1094)
ChildrenBohemond II (~1107-~1131)
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