NameSobkemsaf of Egypt
Birthabt 1635 BC
FatherNebiryerawet I Pharoah at Thebes (~1660bc-~1620bc)
Misc. Notes
She was described as a sister, daughter and grand daughter of kings and was probably descended from earlier rulers of the XVII and XIII
dynasties. The chronology would be consistent with her being the grand daughter of Sobekemsaf II, daughter of Nebiryerawet I, [who were
chosen as they were the longest lived of the early group of XVII dynasty pharoahs] and sister therefore to one or more of the shadowy group of
short-lived pharoahs who finished the first group of the XVII Dynasty.
Birthabt 1630 BC
Deathabt 1580 BC
ChildrenSekenenre Tao I (~1605bc-~1558bc)
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