NameDonald "Bane" III King of Scotland
Birthabt 1034, Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland
Deathaft 1097, Rescobie, Angusshire, Scotland
BurialIona, Argyllshire, Scotland
MotherSibyl of Northumberland (~1009-1040)
Misc. Notes
Also spelled DONALDBANE, OR DONALBANE, BANE also spelled BAN OR BAIN, king of Scotland from November 1093 to May 1094 and from November 1094 to October 1097, son of Duncan I.

Upon the death of his brother Malcolm III Canmore (1093) there was a fierce contest for the crown. Donald Bane besieged Edinburgh Castle, took it, and, with the support of the Celtic Scots and the custom of tanistry (the Celtic system of electing kings or chiefs), he was king nominally for at least six months. He was expelled by Duncan II, son of Malcolm, assisted by English and Normans and some Saxons. Duncan's reign was equally short, for Donald Bane had his nephew slain and again reigned for three years.

These years saw the last attempt of the Celts to maintain a king of their race and a kingdom governed according to their customs. Edgar the Aetheling, who had newly befriended the Norman king of England, led an army into Scotland, dispossessed Donald Bane, and advanced his nephew Edgar, son of Malcolm III, as sole king of the Scots.

"Donald III or 'Donald Bane' was the 20th King of Scotland and reigned from 1093 until 1097. He was the brother of Malcolm III and was defeated by Duncan II, eldest son of Malcolm III, who was killed in a revolt in Moray shortly afterwards. Donald III became King again, but was finally defeated by Edgar, blinded and imprisoned." (KINGS AND QUEENS OF SCOTLAND by Eileen Dunlop and Anthony Kamm, 1984, pages 4.)

Donald III Bane was a King of Scots. He ruled from 1093 til 1094 when his nephew Duncan II briefly became king before being killed. Donald Bane then regained the crown. He is thus often reckoned as both the 20th and 22th King of Scots. He was deposed and blinded in October 1097 by his nephew King Edgar. He was first buried at Dunkeld, then later transferred to Iona.

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