NameBéla I King Hungary
Birthabt 1014, Esztergom, K-Eszt, Hungary
Death1063, Nyitra, Hungary
MotherKatun of Bulgaria (~980-1014)
Misc. Notes
After three years of rule, the throne toppled, killing him in his summer palace at Dömös. The spectacle of the throne tottering and falling on the king is, of course, inevitably comical, even though bones break and blood flows. Only the consequences make the occurrence tragic. But again, how dramatic -indeed theatrical, if not "corny"-are the scenes that preceded Béla's reign.

Thus Vászoly, made blind and deaf, had three sons who fled to Polish soil and returned from there later. Of them, Andrew wound up on the throne. However, he entrusted one third of the country to his younger brother, Prince Béla, who operated so independently in his territory that he minted his own money, which was the right of a legitimate sovereign. Andrew, though he did not hand his rule over, crowned his son Salomon king in 1057, and betrothed him to a princess of the Holy Roman Empire in 1058. Yet, as if the question were still open, Andrew I placed the crown and the sword before Prince Béla at Várkony along the River Tisza: choose between the throne and the sword. The machination was obvious. But the astounded Béla reached for the sword only at an emphatic sign from one of his councillors. His fate would have been sealed if he had chosen otherwise... Even so, after having placed his stake on the right card at the ordeal called the "Várkony scene" in Hungarian historiography, the prince again fled to Polish soil. Returning with an army, he defeated his enthroned elder brother, who died soon after. Béla I began his reign, which was constantly disturbed by Salomon and his supporters and which ended under the wreckage of the Dömös throne after three years. However, after the childless Salomon, the unfortunate Béla's two sons sat on the throne, and of them, the magnificent Ladislas I became the second but not the last saint in the House of Árpád.
Birthabt 1044, Esztergom, K-Eszt, Hungary
Death18 Jun 1095
FatherMieszko II King of Poland (990-1034)
MotherRicheza (Rixa) of Lorraine (~1000-1063)
ChildrenZsofia (Sophia) (~1044-1095)
 Géza I (-~1077)
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