NameRobert I "Le Frison"
Birthabt 1033, Flanders, France
Death13 Oct 1093, Kassel, Germany
FatherBaldwin V Count of Flanders (1012-1067)
MotherAdelaide (1009-1079)
Misc. Notes
In 1063 he married Gertrude, guardian of her son, who had inherited Frisia east of the Scheldt River. Upon this marriage, Robert's father had also invested him with Imperial Flanders, including the islands of Frisia west of the Scheldt. He thus in his own right and that of his stepson was ruler of all Frisia (Zeeland) and thus became known among his Flemish countrymen as Robert the Frisian.

His right to Imperial Flanders, however, was disputed by his elder brother, Baldwin VI, who had succeeded to the countship of Flanders. War broke out between the two brothers, and Baldwin was killed in battle in 1070. Robert then claimed the tutelage of Baldwin's children and obtained the support of the Holy Roman emperor Henry IV, while Richilde, Baldwin's widow, appealed to Philip I of France. The contest was decided at Ravenshoven, near Kassel, on Feb. 22, 1071, where Robert was victorious. Richilde was taken prisoner, and her eldest son, Arnulf III, was slain. Robert obtained from Philip I the investiture of Crown Flanders, and from Henry IV the fiefs that formed Imperial Flanders.

Robert the Frisian led a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the late 1080s. In 1090, on his return, he took temporary service in the army of the Byzantine emperor Alexius I, in his war against the Seljuq Turks. Robert's pilgrimage and service with the Byzantine emperor established a pattern followed later in the First Crusade (1096-99).
Birth1030, Schweinfurt, Unterfranken, Bavaria
Death4 Aug 1113
FatherBernard II Duke of Saxony (995-1059)
MotherElica von Schweinfurt (~1005->1055)
ChildrenGertrude (~1066-1117)
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