NameHunneric Asdingi King of the Vandals
Birthabt 449, Maghrib
Misc. Notes
The marriage of the Western Emperor Valentinian III's daughter to the son of the brilliant Vandal king Gaiseric, Huneric, was a carefully thought-out political manoeuver. "Gaiseric came suddenly to Rome with his forces and captured the city... He even led away as captives surviving senators, along with their wives; along with them he also carried off to Carthage in Africa the empress Eudoxia, who had summoned him, her daughter Placidia, the wife of the patrician Olybrius, who then was staying at Constantinople, and even the maiden Eudocia. After he had returned, Gaiseric gave the younger Eudocia, a maiden, the daughter of the empress Eudoxia, to his son Huneric in marriage, and he held them both, the mother and the daughter, in great honor" (Chron. 366).
Birthabt 450
MotherEudoxia (422-~462)
ChildrenHilderic (479-530)
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