NameRev. John Reynor
Birth1605, Gildersome, York, England
Death21 Feb 1669, Dover, Strafford Co., New Hampshire
FatherWilliam Reynor (Reyner) (~1579-1628)
Misc. Notes

A few years later there came a man of "many precious parts" in the person of Roger Williams. He had landed at Boston, where having some words with Winthrop and others, packed up his goods and departed. At Plymouth he was well received; he liked the people and was liked. He speedily proved his ability as a clergyman and was called to the ministry. For a while all went well, but soon he seems to have taken it upon himself to administer some "sharp admonitions and reproofs" to the leaders, and to have propounded some of those opinions for which he was later expelled from Massachusetts Bay and for which he became famous at Providence. He was " Godly and zealous" the Pilgrims agreed, but "very unsettled in judgment," and after a time migrated to Salem.

For some time after Williams' departure, they were without other ministrations than those of Smith and finally, perhaps growing tired of him, perhaps coming to some difference of opinion with him, they induced John Reynor to emigrate from England and become their clergyman. After a short trial, finding him like his predecessor mediocre in ability and temperament, they induced a really capable and magnetic personality, Charles Chauncey, to come to them from England. Unquestionably a learned and able man, the very sort of a man they needed most at Plymouth, he at once proved, like other energetic characters, to have proceeded in his thinking in a somewhat "irregular" direction. Soon he began to preach the necessity of baptism by immersion. They argued with him at great length, loath to let him go; called upon the Boston and Connecticut clergy for assistance. They were quite willing that he should hold such views about baptism as he wished, but he would not agree to stay with them, unless they were willing to admit that the tenet was as essential as he thought it to be.

Ref: The Pilgrims and Their History By Roland Greene Usher, Published 1918, The Macmillan Company
Birth1609, Biddenden, Kent, England
Deathbef 1642, Plymouth, Massachusetts
FatherRev John Boyse (Bayse) (1569-1620)
MotherJoanna Stowe (1575-1630)
Marriage12 Aug 1633, Bradford, Yorkshire, England
ChildrenHanna (Ann) (~1632-1704)
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