NameFiache II King of Ireland
Birthbef 029
Death56, slain by Eliombh MacConrach
Misc. Notes
was the 104th Monarch; reigned 17 years, and was (A.D. 56) slain by Eiliomh MacConrach, of the Race if Ir, who succeeded him on the throne. This Fiacha was married to Eithne, daughter of the King of Alba; whither, being near her confinement at the death of her husband, she went, and was there delivered of a son, who was named Tuathal.

Fiacha Fionn Ola (or Fiacha of the White Oxen): According to some annalists, it was in this Monarch's reign that the Milesian nobility and gentry of Ireland were treacherously murdered by the Attacotti, as already mentioned; but, in the "Roll of the Monarchs of Ireland" (see page 58), Cairbre, Cean-Cait, whom the Attacotti set up as a king of their own tribe, is given as the 101st, while this Fiacha is there given as the 104th Monarch of Ireland: therefore Cairbre Cean-Cait reigned before, and not after Fiacha Fionn Ola.

Part III, Chapter IV of Irish Pedigrees, by John O'Hart, published 1892, pages 351-9, 664-8 and 708-9.
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