NameRaoul I de Gouy Count of Valois d'Amiens and Vexin
Birthabt 876, Cambrai, Normandy, France
FatherHucbold Count of Osrevant (~844-895)
MotherHelwise of Friuli (~846-936)
Misc. Notes
Per Weis' "Ancestral Roots. . ." (250:17): "Count of Ostrevant and Amiens, and of Valois,and the Vexin, d.936 (his mother was a Heliwich, very doubtful if identical with No.16 [i.e. Helwise, d.895, dau. of EBERHARD, MARGRAVE OF FRIULI and wife of Hucbold, Count of Osrevant].); m. ELDEGARDE, (dau, or niece of Ermenfroi, Count of Amiens?, prob. a Carolingian princess), who m. (2) Waleran, a count who has been misidentified as father of No. 18 [i.e. WALTER I]"

A lengthy footnote following Weis' line # 250 explains in detail the combination of things which must be proven as true for Raoul to be the grandson of EBERHARD MARGRAVE OF FRIULI (RIN 1441). Todate, this proof seems highly unlikely.

The same footnote states that "David K. Kelly, from his studies (soon to be published) thinks it more likely that Raoul's father was COUNT THEODORIC, prob. of Valois, Vexin, pos. of Amiens, who was of the male line of CHILDEBRAND (RIN 1244), germanus of KARL MARTEL. COUNT THEODORIC, the Nibelung DID have a son, Count Radulph, prob. of Valois, who could well be this Raoul."

References: [AR7],[RFC]
ChildrenRaoul (~876-926)
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