NameWitteking (The Great) King of Saxons
Birthabt 750, Saxony
FatherWernicke King of Saxons (700-768)
Misc. Notes
Witteking was the last King of the Saxons (769-85) and the first Duke of Saxony (785-807) {per Carr P. Collins, "Royal Ancestors of Magna Charta Barons," Dallas, TX, 1959, p. 222 - his ancestry is also from this source}.

ABT 0734.
in 0777 he fled from Charlemagne, and the forced baptisms of his Saxons, to his brother-in-law, Sigrid the Dane (King of Haithbu),
baptism in 0785, in Attigny.
·It was not until after another defeat of the Saxons at Detmold, and again at Osnabrück, on the "Hill of Slaughter", that Wittekind acknowledged the God of Charles the stronger than Odin. In 785 Wittekind received baptism at Attigny, and Charles stood godfather.
ChildrenWigbart (752-825)
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