NameBrien Borom Great Monarch of Ireland
Birth941, Ireland
Death23 Apr 1014, Battle of Clontarf, Dublin , Ireland
Misc. Notes
Brien Borom was King of Munster, 1009-1014 (succeeding his father, Kenedy), and Monarch of Ireland, 1002-1014; routed and expelled the Danish Vikings from Ireland; died on Good Friday; his father m. Mary Bebion (Bevionn)(dau.of Arca, Lord of West Connaought)(her sister Cressa m. Teige, Prince of Connaught) - Collins gives their legendery descent from the early kings of Munster & Ireland clear back to Pharaoh Nectanebus and her ancestor Japhet, son of Noah. {"Royal Ancestors of Magna Charta Barons," Carr P. Collins, Jr., Dallas, 1959, pp. 148-151; cf. Encycl. Brit., 1956 Ed., 11:602; 15:967 - see comments to ID4922, Ceallachan, King of Munster - this reference states that Brien Borom's dates are 926-1014.} Seumus MacManus, "The Story of the Irish Race" (N.Y.:Devin-Adair, 1944, p. 275) calls him the "most famous hero of the Danish
period in Ireland...the celebrated Brian mac Cenneigigh, son of Kennedy, chief of Thomond, including the eastern portion of the present county of Clare, and hereditary ruler of North Munster. He was born probably about the year 941 and is known to history as Brian Boru, which he took from the name of the town of Borime, near Killaloe, on the right bank of the Shannon. He was the youngest of twelve brothers, all of whom fell in battle, except Marcan, who was a religious and head of the clergy of Munster, and Anluan who died of a severe illness." MacManus states (pp. 280-82) that Brien died in a battle with the Vikings on Good Friday, April 23, 1014, at Conliffe near Dublin, and is buried at Armagh . The battle (known as the battle of the Weir of Contarf) is noted by MacManus (pp. 282-83) as "one of the decisive battles of history, for it not only warded off Danish rule
from Ireland but probably even altered the whole subsequent history of Europe." Northern France and England became the theater of their operations for 300 years, instead of Ireland, as they expanded their northern empire. See the popular account, "The Lion of Ireland," by Morgan Llewyllen.

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Birthabt 940, Ireland
ChildrenMorough Donnchad (~975-1064)
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