NameAedán mac Gabráin King of Dál Riata
Birthabt 532, near the Forth
Death608, Kilkerran
Misc. Notes
Also spelled AEDAN, king of the Scottish kingdom of Dalriada. He was the son of Gabran, king of Dalriada.

Aidan was crowned at Iona by St. Columba. He refused to allow his kingdom to remain dependent on the Irish Dalriada; but, coming into collision with his southern neighbours, he led a large force against Aethelfrith, king of the Northumbrians, and was defeated at Degsanstan, probably in Liddesdale

Aidan ruled the Scottish kingdom of Dalriada, succeeding his kinsman King Conall; Aidan was crowned at Iona by St. Columba; he refused to remain dependent upon the Irish Dalriada; he was defeated by Aethelfrith, King of Northumberland, at a place called Daeganstane (probably Liddesdale). {see Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1956 Ed., 1:441; 6:994.} Dalriada was
the name of two Gaelic kingdoms, one in Ireland and one in Scotland (settled from northern Antrim in Ireland ca. 500 A.D.),
the latter based in Argyllshire and dependent upon the Irish Dalrieda until about 575 when Aidan asserted its independence.

He was consecrated by his cousin St. Columba.
He invaded Northumbria in 603. He was defeated at Daegastan in 603.

Events in the life of Àedán "the Treacherous" mac Gabráin

birth 1 .
ABT 0533, in "near the Forth".
† death 1 .
17 Apr 0608, in Kilkerran.
event 1 .
0574, in Scotland.
·was crowned and anointed King of Scots Dalriada and Pendragon of the Celtic Isle (Aedàn Pen Draco Insularis) by (his 3rd cousin) St. Columba of Iona
event 1 .
BEF 0590.
·asked St. Columba which of his three sons-Artúr, Eochaid Find, or Domangart-will succeed him
burial 1 .
in Kilkerran.
event 1 .
0603, in the Battle of Degsastan, Liddesdale, Lothian.
·defeated by Aethelfrith, King of the North-Eastern kingdom of Bernicia, though both sides had heavy losses, and Aedan lost another son, Domangart
event 1 .
BETWEEN 0590 AND 0596, in the Battle of Miathi.
·defeated the Southern Picts, the Maeatae, in the battle which he lost two sons, Arthur and Eochaid Find,
event 1 .
·succeeded his 1st cousin, Conall I, to the throne of Dál Riata
event 1 .
0573, in the Battle of Arfderydd.
·served, probably, as a chief of the Gododdin Britons, commanding the lands around Aberfoyle, the region where he subsequently granted land to St. Berach for a monastery, and this capacity fought for the Britons
event 1 .
0575, in Drumceat, Derry, Ireland.
·concluded an agreement with the High King of Ireland, Aed mac Ainmerech, in which Aedan retained authority, to tax and collect tribute, over the Dál Riatan peoples who still lived in the original homeland of Fergus in Ulster, but these Dál Riatans were ultimately answerable to the Irish High King for military support, showing the Dál Riatan kings, even in Scotland, were subject to some degree to the High Kings of Ireland,
event 1 .
·ejected Baetán mac Cairill from the Isle of Man
event 1 .
·undertook a raid on the Orkney Islands, otherwise the territory of the Picts and King Brude, whose piratical inhabitants, Norseman, were conducting raids on Dál Riatan territory, most likely Iona,
event 1 .
BETWEEN 0580 AND 0584.
·fought a series of skirmishes with the Picts under King Brude, and generally won the advantage,
event 1 .
AFT 0603, in Kilkerran.
·is said to have abdicated after his defeat at the hands of the Angles of Bernicia and retired to a monastery
ChildrenEochaid (Eochy) I (~565-629)
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