NameMalcolm II MacKenneth King of Scots
Birthabt 970, Scotland
Death25 Nov 1034, Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland
BurialIona, Argyllshire, Scotland
Misc. Notes
[Malcolm phps. m. a daughter of Sigurd, Jarl or Earl of Orkney, who died 23 April 1014 in the Battle of Clortarf, Ireland, and wife Donada (Alice) of Scotland. S's ancestry is known as far back as Sveide the Viking, a Norse King who died in 760.] Malcolm II reigned 25 March 1005-1034 & was murdered. Malcolm frequently invaded northern England and at the battle of Carham in 1015 finally secured Lothian for Scotland. OR Malcolm "is said to have m. an Irishwoman from Ossory" [more likely].

He conquered Lothian 1018. He was King of Alba and Strathclyde.
He is said to have married an Irishwoman from Ossory.
He was Killed by his kinsman.

References: [AR7],[CP],[Moncreiffe],[MRL]
ChildrenBethoc (~984-1045)
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