NameGeoffrey V Plantagenet Count of Anjou
Birth24 Aug 1113, Anjou, France
Death7 Sep 1151, Château-du-Loir, France
BurialSt. Julian's Church, Le Mans, Anjou
MotherErmengarde of Maine (~1096-1126)
Misc. Notes
Geoffrey "the Fair" ruled the county 1128-54. His nickname "Plantagenet" came from the sprig of broom he wore in his cap ("genet" = "broom"). He married one of the strongest women in history; she went off to claim her English crown while he subdued their French territories (Anjou, Maine, Normandy). Geoffrey "was a clever man, thought handsome by contemporaries...tall, graceful and strong, with a fair and ruddy countenance and sharp eyes. Well educated, he gloried in recalling the deeds of his ancestors and played up the chivalric ideal. Yet he was also cold and cruel. His career as a count was in large measure dominated by the pursuit of his wife Matilda's inheritance of Normandy and England, although he imposed limits on his participation; he was single-minded in his determination to conquer Normandy, Anjou's great enemy, but gave no help in England."{-"The Plantagenet Chronicles," ed. by Elizabeth Hallam (N.Y.: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1986, p.47.} He was Duke of Normandy and is buried at LeMans Cathedral.

He was also Count of Maine and Duke of Normandy 1144-1150.
The name Plantagenet, according to Rapin, came from when Fulk the
Great being stung from remorse for some wicked action, in order to atone
for it, went a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and was scourged before the Holy
Sepulchre with broom twigs. Earlier authorities say it was because
Geoffrey bore a branch of yellow broom (Planta-genistae) in his helm.

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Birth7 Feb 1102, Winchester, England
Death10 Sep 1167, Abbey of Notre Dame des Prés, Rouen, France
BurialRouen Cathedral, Rouen, France
MotherMatilda of Scotland (1079-1118)
Marriage17 Jun 1128, Le Mans Cathedral, Anjou, France
ChildrenHenry II (1133-1189)
ChildrenHameline (~1130-1202)
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