NameRobert (The Devil) Duke of Normandy
Birthabt 1000, Normandy, France
Death22 Jul 1035, Nicaea, Bithynia, Turkey
BurialNicaea, Bithynia, Turkey
MotherJudith of Brittany (956-1017)
Misc. Notes
On the death of his father (1026/27), Robert contested the duchy with his elder brother Richard III, legally the heir, until the latter's opportune death a few years later. A strong ruler, Robert succeeded in exacting the obedience of his vassals. On the death of Robert II the Pious, king of France (1031), a crisis arose over the succession to the French throne. The Duke gave his support to Henry I against the party favouring his younger brother; in reward for his services he demanded and received the Vexin Fran├žais, a territory not far north of Paris. A patron of the monastic reform movement, he died while returning from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Robert I was Duke 1028-35. His wife is Estrith, sister of Canute the Great (no issue). Robert was called "Robert the Devil", accused of poisoning his brother (whom Robert succeeded as Duke); he sheltered the exiled English princes, Edward and Alfred; he died returning from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

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Birthabt 1003, Falais, Normandy, France
Deathabt 1050
ChildrenWilliam I “The Conqueror” (1024-1087)
 Adelaide (or Adeliza) (~1030-~1082)
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